Open Outcry Traders History Project: Jack Sandner – Part One

John F. (Jack) Sandner is a boxer, lawyer, trader and former CME chairman who served as a director of CME Group from July 2007 to February of 2018.

The Path to Electronic Trading: Gerry Corcoran

R.J. O’Brien CEO Gerry Corcoran spent just one day working on the trading floor, during the drought of the summer of 1988. He was a new CFO for the brokerage firm and it was an all hands on deck day due to a severe drought that was causing huge volatility on the grain floor of the Chicago Board of Trade, where RJO had a lot of farmer hedging business.

The History of Financial Futures: Jim Marzano

Jim Marzano thought he was going to be a grain merchandiser at Stotler Grain. Instead, he ended up being a broker and a trader at the Chicago Board of Trade. In fact, he made the first trade in the 30-Year Treasury bond futures pit at the CBOT.

The History Of Environmental Trading: Gordon Bennett

To kick off The History of Environmental Trading video series from John Lothian News and MarketsWiki Education, we interviewed Gordon Bennett of Intercontinental Exchange in ICE’s London headquarters during IDX week in early June.

MW World Of Opportunity: Julie Armstrong – The Power of the People

Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for more than $26 billion in 2016 and the platform now has more than 500 million users. Need any more proof of the power of networks? In this video, ChartIQ Chief Revenue Officer Julie Armstrong provides her personal take on the importance of networking for one’s career, including why she was urged to learn how to play golf.

John Lothian Profiles: Neal Kottke

Neal Kottke, chairman of Kottke Associates in Chicago, is one of those industry veterans who has done it all in his career, from the commercial side to clearing, to starting his own clearing firm to proprietary trading. His contributions to the futures industry also included a term as chairman of the Board of Trade Clearing Corporation as well as two terms as vice chairman of the Chicago Board of Trade.

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