MarketsWiki Education


MarketsWiki Education: A World of Opportunity is our series of talks featuring top professionals from the financial industry, who provide 10 to 12 minute presentations to students, interns and first year professionals. The goal is simple – to attract and inform the next generation of professionals to the financial market space.


MarketsWiki World of Opportunity


A World of Opportunity debuted in 2013 in Chicago. We have since held events in Chicago, New York and London; this year we are including Stockholm. We have had more than 150 speakers give talks to more than 1000 students and young professionals, on topics ranging from career advice to the next trends in our industry to the importance of charity.

Contact us at for further information on registration, or John Lothian for information on sponsorship.


Open OUtcry Traders History Project


John J. Lothian & Company, Inc., MarketsWiki Education and John Lothian Productions are pleased to announce plans for a large scale video project to collect the history of the open outcry era and traders’ personal stories.

Additionally, John Lothian Productions plans to develop video documentaries about specific themes and subjects emerging from the collected personal histories.

The project is modeled on the Veterans History Project signed into law by President Bill Clinton in the 1990s. In this case, rather than capturing the experiences of veterans of warfare and conflict, we are capturing the personal market experiences of those who participated in open outcry markets around the world. Traders from Chicago to London to Paris to Sydney to Singapore and beyond are welcome to submit videos.

Those traders interested are asked to fill out this Google Form or email us at for more information.


John Lothian News


John Lothian News (JLN) is the news division of John J. Lothian & Company, Inc. (JJLCO). The online media firm produces two industry leading newsletters as well as three websites. It is led by publisher John J. Lothian and CEO Jim Kharouf and staffed by derivatives industry, journalism and technology professionals including managing editor Sarah Rudolph, senior editor Lysiane Baudu, associate editor Spencer Doar, and editor Jeff Bergstrom.

Markets Wiki


MarketsWiki is our online knowledge base focused on the global financial sector. Started by John Lothian on January 29, 2008, it features thousands of pages of content on the people, firms, exchanges, contracts, terms and topics in the capital markets. It is maintained and edited by our staff, as well as by outside contributors who are paid subscribers to the John Lothian Newsletter and have signed up to edit MarketsWiki.

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